Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Pattern Story

As mentioned in the previous post, the pattern story:

Being an adept of automated functional testing, knowing the complexity of our untested GUI classes, I knew we had to do something about it until it's too late. [The Right Time].

Knowing other attempts and their failures to introduce automated functional tests in my team [Test the waters], I did some Google research and quickly discovered FEST.

It's simplicity and it's java syntax attracted me, I knew it my have a chance of adoption in my current group [The Right Time]. I also was clearly aware about the benefits that automated GUI tests will provide us [Evangelist]

I started using them on my PC [Test the Waters, Just Do It] and spread the news to my friend co-workers [Innovator, Early Adopter].

We had discussions about the idea and the small progresses I had during lunch time: the time when people can talk! [Brown Bag]. Invited them to check for themselves [Trial Run].

After first successes [Small Successes], I began to spread the news on each occasion I had: invited fellow programmers to see the tests running and to assess their value, corridor discussions about status, etc [Stay In Touch].

I had the opportunity to discuss also with my boss about the possible opportunity [Guru on Your Side, Whisper in General's ear]

Our team had a dedicated day for developers only: Lock-down session.[The Right Time ]. In that specific day I proposed to have a look as a team to the FEST framework and the tests that can be done with it.

Decided that developers that have some experience with FEST to present it's features to developers who hadn't played with the tool: [Involve Everyone, Hometown Story, Trial Run] Simple demo's, no handy features! [Just Enough]

The concept was approved! We could commit our tests on SVN!

Started to build upon FEST a mini-framework better suited to our project's needs[Small Steps], let everyone know what I was doing [Involve Everyone]. Asked for help for SVN source organization and for the mini-framework design. [Ask For Help].

Ran the FEST test suite before each delivery of my module(the test suite was growing), invited everyone to see how I "do nothing" to test the release, and let everyone understand the amount of confidence a good suite of functional(GUI Tests) can provide[Smell Of Success, Personal Touch].

Similar test suites began to raise for other modules in my team and for other modules in neighbor teams [Early Majority]. Traditional skeptics became FEST fans and began to heavily contribute to the "GUI testing" phenomena. [Bridge-Builder].

The idea had more success than I expected: we have a colleague that became FEST Contributor, a colleague wanted to use FEST as an aid in his school presentations, started to use TDD, etc.

What I would like to do now is to thank again everyone who invested time and patience in this idea. Without their help, nothing would have been done: Thanks a lot guys, you really helped! FEST is now yours! ;)[Just Say Thanks].


PS: If I only new earlier what I have learned from the book... :)

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