Friday, October 24, 2008

Iterative Posts

I tried for my first Post to make it as complete as possible before publishing: spell checking, ensuring that the important words have external links, structure, etc.

It may seem natural, a post may virtually have a large number of readers, readers that may know or not the author. The post may become quoted or may be used in a form or another, isn't it?!

For me, trying to reach perfection before publishing something has become very frustrating!

Why? Because I have an agile background. I am an adept of the XP Driving Metaphor, where adapting to real feedback is everything. My designs are stirred by my customers, why not my post to be driven in the same way?!

I decided to go agile even with ideas published in posts, it may work! Even if the real customer will be also me :)

So, this post is a nice first draft to be published! Agree?! :)

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