Friday, October 17, 2008

A Unit Testing Presentation

I had a couple of days ago a unit testing presentation (see bellow) to my development group. The topic & the short description (Vocabulary, Styles & Toys) lead to a vast audience, almost every developer attended, also managers!

The Goals were simple and some of them classical:
  • Share common vocabulary in all extended team (Unit Test, Stub, Mock, Test Double, FIRST)
  • Grow appetite for Mocks
  • Grow appetite for further reading
  • Show the problems Integration Tests may induce.

The goals were reached partially: - at least now, everybody knows what a mock is, everybody knows what stubbing is, everybody knows frameworks "easier" than jMock are available.

Some interesting questions were raised during this presentation:

Are acceptance tests philosophical? How do they integrate in an hypothetical automated tests classification?

If Unit Testing is strictly related to source code, how do we name functional tests written to test in isolation a single GUI element (let's say a table)? Don't we need more words in the testing language puzzle?!

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