Monday, July 19, 2010

Mini Super Search!

I am very pleased with my Google Search gadget on my blog, it is just great!

It helps me keeping up-to-date with new technologies, it helps me solve real problems, it became the friend that I can trust when I need to quickly do something great, it just beats Google itself!

How? Simple: It does not return all results like a regular Google, but filters the results through the hands I trust in: Martin Fowler, Uncle Bob, InfoQ, etc. This way I don't loose time filtering information, I let the gurus do the filtering for me!

The example here, pointed me perf4j on page 1 just when I needed it.

It rarely returns results on "This Blog" tab, but always returns valuable information on "My Followed Blogs" tab (aka Marin Fowler, ThoughBlogs, ObjectMentor, InfoQ).

Usually the desired result is in page 1 of the results!

Feel free to use it, use my acknowledged gurus to filter your information!

1 comment:

Babau said...

Good job my friend ...
I am expecting some posts on node.js, NoSQL, WebSockets etc.
I'm very interested in sharing information with you ...

P.S: Lean and Agile