Thursday, August 05, 2010

Agile comunity growing in Timisoara!

Last week I had my first Meetup on the Timisoara Agile Software Meetup Group!

Although I was at first reluctant to go since I knew almost nobody from the Meetup's members, surprise - surprise, my general impression was surprisingly good!

Attended a well prepared, well structured and very interactive Unit Testing presentation together with experienced/un-experienced agile practitioners and wannabes. It felt good to see so many people there - all in their free time, the majority of them drove there simply by passion.

Another plus for the organizers were the cookies! We had free coffee, drink and cookies. Sharing food always creates magic.

What I missed was only "the beer after": some time dedicated to free and direct conversations, the real meet. A lot of persons approved - next time we'll have a beer after, so if you come, be prepared for half a day of agile discussions and beers!

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